Bathroom trends 2023: 33 inspiring new looks for your shower

Bathroom trends may come and go, but these timeless designs are set to stay for 2023 and beyond. From fluted finishes to forest green, these trends are sure to make a lasting impact on your bathroom remodel or update. While following the latest trends doesn’t guarantee a timeless look, these elegant bathroom ideas are here to inspire you.

1. Create a space to relax: Spa-style bathrooms are on the rise, with comfortable seating for pampering sessions. Upholstered seating adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom, perfect for painting toenails or enjoying a magazine.

2. Surround yourself with natural materials: Wood is a great way to bring nature indoors and boost positive emotions. Teak, in particular, is a durable and water-resistant option for bathrooms.

3. Embrace a white color scheme: White bathrooms are known for their calming effect, perfect for quieting the mind and soothing the soul. Off-white surfaces with tactile appeal, like zellige tiles, add a touch of warmth to the space.

4. Bring curves back: Curves are making a comeback in bathroom design, adding a soft and luxurious touch to the space. Consider incorporating curved mirrors or plasterwork for a modern look.

5. Introduce texture: Raw organic finishes, like terracotta flooring, add a tactile element to your bathroom. Reclaimed materials add character and warmth to the space.

6. Use textiles in bathrooms: Textiles can add warmth and comfort to your bathroom, especially in older homes with original floorboards. Consider adding a rug or performance mat for a cozy touch.

7. Take a seat: Seating in the shower adds comfort and relaxation to your daily routine. Stools or benches inside the shower area create a spa-like atmosphere.

8. Mix concealed and open storage: Hidden storage solutions keep the design sleek and functional, while open shelving adds visual interest. Consider combining both for a practical and stylish bathroom.

9. Introduce privacy with smoked glass: Smoked glass shower screens add a retro edge to the bathroom and offer a sense of privacy in shared spaces. The 70s staple is making a comeback in modern bathroom design.

10. Dress to impress: Dressing room tables are moving into the bathroom, adding a touch of luxury and decadence. Coordinate with stone and metallic finishes for a cohesive look.

11. Go for couture without compromise: Free-standing baths are stylish but consider the comfort of an inset bath for a spa-like experience. Look for ergonomic shapes and luxurious finishes for a truly indulgent bath experience.

12. Pick and mix styles: Mix bold patterns and textures in your bathroom for a maximalist look. Have fun with wallpaper and tiles to create a unique and personalized space.

13. Invest in a statement screen: Bold and sculptural shower screens are stealing the spotlight in modern bathrooms. Showcase screens with bold frames add a focal point to the space.

14. Double up: Main en suites are gaining importance, with grand proportions and luxurious finishes. Consider sacrificing a guest bedroom for a larger, more luxurious bathroom experience.