These are the key paint trends for 2024, according to designers

Paint trends are possibly the most fickle of all interior design trends. Similar to color trends, the ‘in’ shades and finishes, and techniques change so much with each season. However, paint trends are also ideal for experimenting and switching up your home, usually without a huge expense or effort. Painting a room, or even just a wall in an on-trend hue is far less of a commitment than investing in an on-trend couch or the newest style of kitchen cabinets.

So while it can be tricky to know whether to commit to broader interior design trends, paint trends are easy to dabble in. They also do say a lot about the mood of the interior design world and you can get a sense of what things are looking like for early 2024 from these trends. There are a lot of warm, cocooning neutrals going on that are more earthy and linked with that trend, brown paints are looking huge for this year. Red is taking over. And in terms of finishes glossy looks and darker stains are what designers are seeing a lot of right now. 

Paint trends are constantly changing in the world of interior design. From color trends to finishes and techniques, there’s always something new to try. Painting a room or a wall in an on-trend hue is a great way to update your home without a huge investment of time or money. Unlike other design trends, paint trends are easy to experiment with and can give you a sense of what’s popular in interior design for the upcoming year.

For 2024, warm, cocooning neutrals are a big hit, with brown paints making a strong comeback. Red and terracotta tones are also making waves, adding a bold pop of color to interiors. Glossy finishes and darker stains for wood are trending, giving spaces a moody, sophisticated look.