Split Bedroom Hill Country House Plan with Large Walk-in Pantry – 2454 Sq Ft – 51838HZ | Architectural Designs

This house plan has 14 pages as follows:

Page 1  Cover Sheet with abbreviations, rendering, sheet index

Page 2  Foundation Plan and Details

Page 3  Detailed first floor plan (includes window sizes, ceiling joist directions, plumbing fixture locations, etc.)

Page 4  Front and rear exterior views with additional details

Page 5  Right and left exterior views with additional details

Page 6  Cross Section & kitchen cabinet views

Page 7  Roof plan and span charts with additional details

Page 8  Ceiling Framing plan

Page 9 Roof framing plan

Page 10 Electrical plans & notes/ legend

Page N1 Code Information

Page N2 Code Information

Page N3 Code Information

Page N4 Energy Code Information

These items are NOT included:

  • Architectural or Engineering Stamp – handled locally if required
  • Site Plan – handled locally when required
  • Mechanical Drawings (location of heating and air equipment and duct work) – your subcontractors handle this
  • Plumbing Drawings (drawings showing the actual plumbing pipe sizes and locations) – your subcontractors handle this
  • Energy calculations – handled locally when required

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